Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Aleesya Arriana is a week today

Alhamdulilah, 27/11/2007 is going to be another date to remember. That early morning i wetted myself on the bed because the water broke. Went to Nisa' around 11:30, and being admitted to the ward since the cervix already dilated 1-2cm.

That evening, kak nani came to pay a visit but fortunately, she did assist the delivery. My husband arrived just in time my water broke totally for the delivery of the baby.. The baby made the show after the 3rd pushes. A sweet, little girl made entrance to this world.. 2.9 kgs, the lightest baby in the family. 3+ weeks early than due date. 6:46 pm with Dr roseliza's help. The 1st baby in Malaysia..

One of the sms i received after the delivery:

'Congratulations dpt baby, moga hubungan kekeluargaan tambah erat'

i'm sure every couple with a new baby will be hoping the same.. semuga Allah memberikan yang terbaik di dunia dan Akhirat, ameen!


serikandi said...

tahniah nikmah.... tahniah... :)

pecinta kedamaian said...

thanks akak.. kenang kami dalam doa akak..take care