Saturday, 15 December 2007

A nite to remember

Alhamdulilah, as the title suggested.. it was a nite to remember. Thanks to my dear husband who make the nite happened. As for the others in the team as well, congratulation to all Urusetia of Pameran Mukjizat Al Quran 2007. Chik, Azlina, Anees.. to name a few who spent time n energy to make it happened.
It was our 1st trip to this kind of event and guess what, it was one of the best things ever happened to us as a family. The kids enjoyed it and i'm sure our baby did as well..
Raihan made their appearance on the stage, in the hall which full with people both in the main hall and upstairs in the balcony. Not enough seat, the organizer brought some mat to seated the audiences.. The show was scheduled at 9 and we arrived with atuk while a group of young men were singing nasyid on the stage. Sorry, i don't know what the group's name.. The was dikir barat, 'karut'ed by a famous tukang karut in Kelantan, and even in Malaysia. Made show locally, nationally and even internationally.. Mat Zain was his name.. and i'm sure the Kelantanese knows him very well.

11:30pm We made our way home with a long queue of cars at the car park area.. It was a NITE TO REMEMBER

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