Thursday, 6 December 2007

dah botak..

Alhamdulilah, at last baba got the time to do it.. Last nite baby got a new hair cut. You better take a look at her now, she's more cute than yesterday. Following the prophet's sunnah, newborn baby's head will be shaved and the hair will be weighed according to the price of silver. Then the parents will give out sadaqah based on it. Also a sunnah is naming the girl on the 7th day. It is also a sunnah to do Aqiqah, the slaughtered of either sheep or cow and to give out the meat to the poor. Usually, parents will invite family and friends to come over and enjoyed the cooked meat after the baby being shaved. All this occured because of one reason, to express happiness of the newcomers to the family and share it with others.
Thank you Allah for every ni'mat you granted on us, may we become more grateful and better muslim, ameen!
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