Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Jeng.. jeng..jeng..

My feelings said, almost ready.. Like what i'm seeing. Okay, it may not be anybody cup of coffee (mind you, not everybody like coffee.. my hubby prefer tea and i can't be short of RADIX), but I LIKE IT. It may not be perfect, but I LOVE IT.. Chik, for time being.. this will be my blog theme. Thanks to Chik who introduce me to WWW.OURBLOGTEMPLATES.COM. As visitor, i was spoilt for choices.. Too many to choose and yet i can only have one.. since i have only one blog. (yang satu ni pun tak larat nak update.. lagi nak bela banyak-banyak.. huhu)

Thanks to all of you who have been so patience and persistent.. Although it was always Chik that left me some notes and comments, but i believe there are others who care about me. Keep up your doa, may we stay closer than what the eyes can see.. Thanks again!!!
These are for all my visitors.. esp Chik!!!

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kakchik said...

ni'mah - thanks to you too... just know that a friend in need is a friend in deed. I'll try to be there for my friends who ever you are.

I'm going to paste the gorgeous bouquet in my blog. Mmmmmm... love it!

You'll have time to blog if you wish... heheheh