Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Have you been there?

Being in Tun Fatimah for 5 years have been a transformation. I learnt a lot of things, not just from the teachers but from friends as well. The very one thing that i picked up was an addiction for songs especially English romantic songs. Teenage life.. Another bad addiction was the Mills and Boons collections. Just imagine a few shelves in the library were dedicated for that.. But as the argument from a few teachers, it helps improve the English among the students. I guess they are right.. although one can still argue on it. Just to share another of my favourite...

Those who have watched Karate Kids will remember this.. This has always been the inspiration on any girl's mind in Tun Fatimah. One day, i will meet my Mr Right. He will be my Knight of Shining Armour.. He will fight for our love.. HAHAHA..

Glory Of Love

Tonight it's very clear
As we're both lying here
There's so many things I wanna say
I will always love you
I would never leave you alone

Sometimes I just forget
Say things I might regret
It breaks my heart to see you crying
I don't wanna lose you
I could never make it alone

I am a man who will fight for your honor
I'll be the hero you're dreaming of
We'll live forever knowing together
That we did it all for the glory of love

You keep me standing tall
You help me through it all
I'm always strong when you're beside me
I have always needed you
I could never make it alone


Just like a knight in shining armor
From a long time ago
Just in time I will save the day
Take you to my castle far away


We'll live forever
Knowing together
That we did it all for the glory of love
We did it all for love

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