Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ikut sunnah.. belated maulid

It's been more than a week since we in malaysia celebrated the Maulid of Nabi SAW. It was also the 11th birthday for my eldest daughter Amirah. The early morning of the 12th Rabi'ul Awwal.

As a muslim, we believed that the prophet's life should be followed in every aspects of life as He was the living Quran. Thus all his words, his actions and everything about him should be followed. We also believed that he is maksum, protected from any wrongdoings that can destroyed his credibility as Allah's messenger.

The sunnah that i want to analyse at this post is why was Saidatina Khadijah being chosen as the Prophet's first wife.. As we all know, she came from a well known, respected and nobel family just as the family of our beloved Nabi SAW. Thus, the sekufu aspect came in from family background point of view.

Being a businesswoman, she must be brilliant. Having a successful business, she must has possed all the qualities of being a successful entrepeneur. Intelligent, hardworking, patience, responsible, are just few characteristics attached to a successful businessperson. She was also matured in terms of age compared to Nabi SAW.

Why was it that at the age of 25, Nabi was chosen a wife by Allah who was much older than him? Ego was a male characteristic but given the surroundings attached to the event of 1st wahyu being delivered to Nabi, surely Allah has chosen the best supporter to attend to His beloved needs at that very tense moment. We all know the story after Jibrail came to Nabi, embraced him and how afraid was Nabi at that moment. He ran back only to find his beloved wife, his main supporter and trustee asking her help to settle him down. Nabi comunicate with Saidatina Khadijah, detailing the event that had just took place. They talked about it.. Saidatina Khadijah responsed in a cool and loving way thus calming the nervous Nabi. It really showed Saidatina Khadijah's intelligent and loving personalities. Then what? She didn't just sit down and do nothing. She didn't wait for any instruction by Nabi. She went out to seek help in order to help her beloved husband. She knew the right person to consult which so happened to be her own relatif. Nabi didn't argue with his wife when the wise man came to visit. That was only the beginning of the challenging journey of a lifetime for Saidatina Khadijah...

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