Saturday, 5 April 2008

Post Malaysian 12th General Election

Oh dear.. So many things happening these days and one thing happened after another just as quick as lightning. The politicians in Malaysia, i guessed, were in their busiest time ever judging from the news that have been bombarding Malaysian citizens these few days.. concern one like me... hehehe.

After the news that BN was denied the 2/3rd majority in the Parlimen, than came the news that 5 states will be run by the opposition. Then the havoc of Menteri Besar appoinment in Perlis and Terengganu. Penang Ketua Menteri and his drama, Perak's newly appointed Menteri Besar with the Excos that seem to have their own understanding of the situation and thus creating a drama of their own.. etc, etc.

The latest and the most interesting subject to me at the moment is the announcement of the coalition of the oppositions in this country. PAS, PKR and DAP agreed to form a PAKATAN RAKYAT (PAKATAN). I can see the reason behind the announcement. BUT.. it's more than what the eyes can see. A lot of issues need to be resolve and the leaders of all the parties need to be very sensitif to their grassroots perceptions, understanding and acceptance or rejection on this issue.

Honestly, being young and educated (read as 'gone through the academic style of teaching') i can understand the idea behind the coalition. We have achieved independence for more than 50 years. In order to move forward, we have to understand that our beloved country doesn't only consist Malays but also other races. Being in Kelantan, one can feel that one is in a Malay state but being in Kota Bharu, one will feel as being in other Malaysia's city or town. Realising that we are actually living in a multiracial environment, we will welcome the coalition idea without any hesitation.

I am very sure that every single soul who loves unity and and peace, welcome the news. But the question now, who will lead and why? Anwar Ibrahim, Hj Abdul Hadi or Lim Kit Siang? We will just have to wait and see as i have other things to do at the moment.. I will share my point of view when i have time to do it.. Do care to share what you have in mind with me.

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