Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Just another day...

Yesterday, i took Aleesya for her second jab. Time flies.. She's 3 months old now. She's getting heavier as well. 5.5 kgs compared to the birth weight of 2.9kgs.. Hmm, i guessed i've done a good job with feeding. The power of breast feeding!!!

I finished reading an extraordinary book that my husband brought back from Penang last year. Yes, it's Power of Patience by MJRyan. I recommend anyone out there to get hold of the book. Read and munch it as much as you can.

Actually all the entries of Sabar were based on that beautiful written book. I hope to share every single bits of it in Malay version. For sure, it won't be as nice as reading the book itself, but at least i can share what i understood from the book and share it here.
Finished reading it is one thing. To practise on it is another.. Hmm

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