Friday, 15 February 2008


“Barangsiapa yang bertaqwa kepada Allah nescaya akan dijadikan untuknya jalan keluar (dari belenggu masalah) dan dikurniakan rezeki dari sumber yang tidak disangka-sangka” (Al-Thalaq: 2-3)

Tanpa ada rasa kecewa
tanda syukur ku pada yang Kuasa
Pengabdian yang telah diberi
kini nyata menjadi bukti (2x)

Ku bersyukur pada yang Kuasa
Kerana diberikan rahmat taqdirNya
Ketentuan yang telah diberi
Kuterima dengan rela hati (2x)

Hayatilah hidupmu insan
Hiasilah dengan kesabaran
Hikmah yang disebaliknya
Tercetus nikmat yang mulia

Cekalkan hati tempuh hidup baru
Segalanya pengalaman buatmu
Menghadapi ujian pengukur iman
Terimalah ketentuan ini

Ulang Chorus
Walaupun terkadang nak ku rebah
Dek runtunan perasaan gundah
Kucapai kalam Mu penenang jiwa
Benteng utama kekuatan jiwa (2x)

repeat #, Chorus
This is my other favourite from Al wadi's song that i put up here in my blog. The meaning is so deep that as a normal human being, it's worth remembering and keep coming to it again and again.
Being a muslim we accepted that life is a test to human. As long as we know where we'll end up, the journey to that place where we hope will be the nicest place ever will not be easy. Allah promises in the Quran that those who didn't believe in Him will enjoyed all the wonderful things in this world. But to those who believe in meeting Him after life, this world should be the place to earn His pleasure.
Life is a test to muslims. Tests come in all forms, be it things that men like or dislike. Easy or hard the test is will depend on how much we put our trust in Allah. Allah said that He will test men according to his ability. If men success, Alhamdulilah. But if it's otherwise.. hope it won't be us.
Quran already stated that men will be tested on all aspects of life, his spouse, his children, his wealth, his health and so on and so forth.. basically everything. HEARTS that filled with love to His Creator will have to be STRONG. That's where the ILM comes to place, Not forgetting the nearest and dearest person who'll be able to REMIND us of our duty so that we'll always be on the right path.
Muslims need not worry if they did something wrong. Mistakes will be done,that is normal because we are not perfect. Allah knows that and one of the best character of good muslims are those who asked forgiveness upon their mistakes. If we can accept ourselves as imperfect, why others need to be perfect? The key here is to willingly ask forgiveness, which is not easy because remembering what the syaithan did when Allah instructed them to bow down to Adam and they refused. And they also refused to ask forgiveness from Allah and would rather go to the Hell. EGO..
Asking forgiveness from Allah is an act to get near to Allah. And it is also a way to get near to human being. Being a muslim, dakwah is an area that we need to venture. Thus by equipping ourselves with this act, will surely gain other's trust, respect and love. Trust me...

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