Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lama tiada berita..

Apologise to all of you who used to visit me through the blog. Thank you for keep coming back though i don't expect people to care and bother on what i put in this blog. I have a lot in my mind but priorities is priorities. Writing does help sometimes, but not always.

I am confused.. Feel like, lost in a place that is so unfamiliar. Although i do think the place is the same place i have been all this while, but when i'm confused, i am very confused.

A lot of times we did something and we regret it. A lot of times we said something and later we regret it. Sometime we didn't do anything and still we regret it..

My inner part is undescribable at the moment. Probably it shows how bad my EQ is. Someone with a good EQ can describe their feeling and act positively upon it. And surely i'm not that someone.

Life is not easy. It has ups and downs. Thinking that we will always be at the upper side, doesn't help when life turn upside down. That's where sabar take place. Patience, as always.. easy said than done. As i tried to munch everything Ryan wrote in her book, Power of Patience.. life does seem to demand more on me. Do nothing, lay back and relax. Why is it so hard to do...? Sometimes i do want to sit back, relax and do nothing.. but hanging out with nobody but myself, doesn't help at all.

Life is full with responsibilities.. But sometimes i always forgot that being resposible to myself is taking care of myself. I always thought of taking care of others that i sometimes forgot to take care of myself. I expect people to care for me while i care for others. In reality, it doesn't always work.

Selfish? Looking after myself will be an act of selfishness? A point to ponder..

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