Wednesday, 12 May 2010


It haas been more than a year since i last updates this baby.. How time flies and i felt terribly sad that i have left this baby unattended. When i first started, i had always knew that this is one of the things that i love doing.. and yet i left knowing that i will be back one day.

Alhamdulilah, i still remember my username and password. Thanks to all that have been visiting and i do appreciate it. I am so sorry for any unattend messages that were left for me. I hope now that i am back, i will be back for good.

My initial intention of setting this up initially is a way of sharing my thoughts, my actions and my feelings with those who care. And i believe that this is a good way of daawah. The most people in number that i can reach physically per day will be around 10, which includes 5 of my kids. But online, thousands can be connected. And i love to be connected..

Today, i just want to share a beautiful hadith that i pinned on my wall as a way of daily reminder to me.. 'ENVY is permitted only in TWO cases, of a man whom ALLAH gives WEALTH and he disposes of it righfully, and a man whom ALLAH gives knowledge, and he applies and teaches it' (Bukhari).

Hope you will benefit from this too.. as i do, insya Allah!!!


satu said...

Salam ukhuwwah...

Keep on writing my sis. Please do come and visit me at

Usrah Muslimat Cheng-Paya Rumput said...

Assalamualaikum wrt,

Dah lima anak ye. Hebatlah, Alhamdulillah. Comel si kecil yg didukung tu.
Mine, 3. May be stop sampai yg ke3ni, kalau ada rezeki tambah 1 lagi je. All 3 keluar ikut tingkap.


pecinta kedamaian said...

zatie.. waalaikumussalam..

Lama nye tak dengar berita.. Alhamdulilah, saya dah 6. Yang kecik tu mek kelate, november ni 3 tahun. bila balik kampung? Nak sangat jumpa..

salam ukhuwwah ibunoor.. Will do insya Allah.