Tuesday, 24 March 2009

i'm mobile..

Thanks to my dearest hubby for this lovely phone, i'm now available online anytime i want. I actually planned to upgrade the phone for a higher resolution picture quality. 5 megapix is ok, but to be gifted to a 8.1 megapix camera phone, it's a bless.

To all my friends out there, 013 celcom line has been terminated. I'm now with Digi prefix no 010. I also opt for their internet option- unlimited for RM66 per month. So, i'm mobile!!!

Will try to find time to jot down a short entry from my phone. As for now, i check my facebook regularly.. Will try to do the same with my blog.. soon, insya Allah..

1 comment:

kakchik said...

wow.... bertuah badan. lepas ni boleh la baca entri baru tiap2 hari ya, hehehe. suami sayang ni'mah la tu, bagi fon yg canggih manggih gitu, tukar dgn chik nak tak?