Monday, 29 September 2008

Eid Mubarak!!!

Just want to wish all my visitors a very merry Eid Mubarak. It is sad that Ramadhan is leaving just as it did in the past. Hope that it was the best Ramadhan ever, just in case it will never come back next year. As it stands, Ramadhan is a testing month. A month of patience, a month of doing nothing. No eating, no drinking, no sex, no etc.. only during the day. As Islam prohibited overdoing things (melampau), all those doings that follow the natures rule (sunnahtullah) are allowed during night time. A sahabat who wanted to fast all day and night was prohibited by doing so by the Prophet SAW, by saying that those who fast without breaking it at night is not among his follower.

I wish to apologize for all my wrongdoings, be it that can be seen, can be heard or anything that crosses my mind or heart. Hope Eid will be enjoyed and observed as sunnah, so as to increases our iman and taqwa. Wallahu'alam..

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