Friday, 1 June 2007

Welcome Back

I have been so busy this few days. Don't have time to even switch on the computer. Alhamdulilah, last Sunday I started my Kursus Awal Asuhan Kanak-kanak organised by JKM, PERASKO K'tan and PPM (Persatuan Pengasuh Malaysia). 6 days gone, 12 days more to go..

What is this Kursus about?
It's a kursus compulsary to all Pengusaha Taska in Malaysia and pengasuh2 who work in TASKA. To earn the certificate that will entitled somebody with 'pengasuh Berdaftar', the participent will have to pass the exams. Anybody can attend the course as long as the pay the fee of course.
I really like the course. Although the content of the course can be read from books and internet, but to be able to attend a course where we are surrounded by people, where exchanges of ideas take place, where others experiences can be shared.. I felt bless to be there. Well of course, if it's not because of the support from my beloved husband.. i won't be there. Thanks dear.. Pity on my children.. they are losing part of their mom at the moment because i really have to concentrate on the course. Be prepared for my amali test.. writing test will be held a week after the course finished.

Why should i bothered with this kursus?
I never think i like children before i got married. Even after i got married and have my own children, i still think i'm quite distance from children. but when my fourth child were 2 years, i got the chance to attend a parenting course in Manchester. I was a 'fulltime' housewife at that moment and i have been thinking a lot about my children. Questions on how should i raised them, what educations are the best for them, what kind of society will they blend in when they grew up.. All sort of questions..
Honestly, the parenting course has changed me. It changes my perseption and reactions to children. All this while i realised that children are the future generation. We as parents have the responsibilities to prepare our children to become good leader of the future. And that responsibilities lay on all parents. In this ICT's world, the parents are so busy with their jobs outside. The responsibilities are being shared with TASKA/Nursery's owners and staffs. Not to say the parents can just wash their hands.
To cut short the story, my aim is to prepare the future generation. To be able to 'help' preparing them to become a good khalifah in this world as required by the Quran. Not only thinking of my own children but the society as a whole. The society at the moment has lost lots of things.. Correct me if i'm wrong, but our society has lost its ground. Lost its 'nilai-nilai murni'. Our society is critically ill. We have to give the medicine..
My children are asthmatic.. The doctors prescribed them a reliever and a preventer..Our soceity needs that as well. I hope by being in this TASKA business, i can help the future society by giving lots of preventer doses...

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