Sunday, 13 May 2007


Tajuk yang nak ditaip semalam. Anyway, hari ni Malaysia menyambut Hari Ibu. I didn't have any special agenda today but it just happened.

Amirah wasn't well since Thursday. Mengadu sakit dada. Selalunya bila asma attack, dia akan selesema, whizzy dan seangkatan dengannya. Yesterday i took her to emergency, dapat sedos nabs.. Balik. She still not well.

This morning, after 7 i took her to the emergency AGAIN. Met Amir but he's about to leave, since his shift finished. Then a chinese male doctor attended amirah. He's a nice guy. Very concern.. may be because amirah is a daughter of a doctor.. I don't know. I hope not.. Hopefully he has the same attitude to all the patients. Then Dr Kursi saw me. He took over from then. The doctors were doing their ward-round. The senior doctor wasn't impressed when Dr Kursi mentioned of doing x-ray on Amirah's chest. Alhamdulilah, he insisted. The x-ray shows sign of pneumonia. No wonder no whizzing but Amirah still hardly breath.

While waiting outside the x-ray room, a txt came in. Sent by a friend, it goes like this..Hold 10 roses in your hand and stand infront of a mirror, you will see 11 roses. Between them there is the most beautiful rose in the world. It's 'you'! Happy Mother's Day!
I spent the morning of Mother's Day attending my daughter in the hospital. What a great way of celebrating.. i feel satisfied. Even if what i did may not earn any recognition (not that i want any).. All i know, i've done my responsibility (tho not perfectly.. i could do better). Be it Mother's Day or not.. I'll always be where my children wanted me to be..

Amirah stays in. Ward 6S. I have to leave her.. need to attend other children and preparing her needs in the hospital. How i wish i can stay with her..
I went back. Thinking of my own mother.. I took time to give her a call. Everybody else has call, and i did. At least, making her happy on this day. Knowing that her daughters always remember her.

Selamat Hari Ibu, mak!!! Semuga Allah merahmati kehidupan mak. Semuga Allah mengampunkan segala dosa2 mak. Semuga Allah menghimpunkan kita kembali di Syurga kelak. Amin ya Rabbal Alamin!! We love you MAK!!!

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