Sunday, 8 February 2009

Fitnah Akhir Zaman..

I've been very-very quiet for quite some time.. Almost everyone has been asking where have i been.. I'm still here, still breathing.. Alhamdulilah. Thanks for all my visitors and sorry for my quietness..

Well, everybody has been talking about it.. or at least thinking about it. Yes, PERAK and its drama. All the actors and actresses.. I can only take a deep breathe and quickly let it out.. Fening..

1 comment:

KakChik said...

don fening-fening la...
chik baru je bukak blog ni'mah ni, ni'mah pulak call hehehe. tadi tok royat la ko ni'mah.

lama tok blogging, tulih pendek2 pung takpo.