Monday, 15 December 2008


Betullah Chik.. Lama sungguh tak update blog ni. Well, i've been busy as usual with so many other things that i would prefer to do other things rather than putting my mind into writing. Anyway, just a little bit of updating for those who cares..

1. Aleesya turned ONE on the 27th November.My little baby is bigger now. She likes stairs and anything she can 'panjat' or 'ngukah'.. Putting her tounge out, i guess some more teeth might be coming.. A birthday cake for the birthday girl was bought from Secret Recipe (cheeseeeeee of course!) and was shared with our family friends who spent the night in Melawi chalets'. It was raining though, so swimming was out of question.

2. It was a family outing, the first for this school holidays. Nisa' KB organised a family day in Melawi. It was great to be surrounded by friends although the weather was not so great. We did enjoy our night in the chalet.

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kakchik said...

wah... sure seronoknya you all gi melawi dih. jeles la jugok kdg2 sb kito byk tak smpt ikut prog. wa... wa... hujung minggu hbs ko kelas jah.