Monday, 13 October 2008

I have a follower..(or should i say, flower.. kuikuikui)

Huh, I have a follower. That's what stated on my dashboard. Ok, thanks to this new gadget by blogspot, i have my own follower.. Kuikuikui.. Anyway, i just want to congratulate this dear friend who make herself called 'blogger'. Welcome to the cyber world. I just wish i have more time to spend in updating my blog which i would consider better than shopping or window shopping.. Well yes, women love shopping.. (men as well, mind you!!!). But it will cost me money. But blogging don't. So my hubby, i'm sure you'll agree that i sholud spent more time blogging than shopping!!!

1 comment:

lenz said...

salam..syukran semangat yang diberi oleh sahabat pemangkin new update sokmo lah kak dio