Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Today, Tuesday the 13

So many things happened since i last jot down my thoughts here.. Too many to mention, and too scary in fact. Anyway, first thing first..

Today is the 13th of November. One of the date that will always stick on my mind.. The masehi date of my most beloved human being on this world.. my HUSBAND's BIRTHDay. He's 33 yrs old today, counted by the sun..HAPPY BIRTHDAY love.. it's not enough. Not only words can describe, i bought a bouquet of 3 roses.. Took it to his office and actually lay it on his table, in front of him.. Only Allah knows how much i love the man who was infront of me at that moment..

Well, not enough of that.. i have to include the children as well. We planned a surprise party for the beloved dad.. I actually ordered a cheese cake from a friend, bought a whole chicken and marinated it, and decided to take the kids early from school today so that i can prepare the food at home, hopefully as a surprise..

To cut short the story, we had the surprise party.. and the kids enjoyed it. I hope the dad did as well.. Just wondering if there'll ever be next time for this kind of event. Only Allah knows the answer...

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